Why Not Both?

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A PC or tablet? This question seems to be on the mind of consumers these days when buying a new computing device. For some people a tablet can provide for everything they need. Others may need something that has more power for their needs. A large number of people are the former. Tablets and smartphone sales have gone up while PC sales have gone down. In response to this trend Microsoft has created Windows 8 with mobile devices in mind assuming that most people prefer using tablets over PCs. The Surface tablet appears to have been a replacement for a laptop where people will use for all their work and entertainment needs. But why should anyone choose between a tablet and a PC? Why not both?

Tablets can be used for basic computer needs such as email, web browsing, writing documents, and entertainment. A tablet cannot do things that require high performance: video editing, application development, photo editing. They also can distract you from work with sometimes annoying notifications. I had a Lenovo tablet which I gave away because after about three months I stopped using and I kept it in my bookcase gathering dust. I realized a seven inch screen was too small to read my textbooks and typing documents using the touch keyboard was painful. The application would crash while I was typing. Now I use my smartphone for most of the things I did on my tablet.

On a computer I can do everything I need to do. I can stream video, type code, and type documents. I had to use Microsoft Excel for lab assignments (imagine doing that on a 7-inch screen). My computer is a 17 inch Toshiba laptop, it has decent performance despite the magnetic hard drive. For people who need a device with high performance still need PCs. There are applications that require a device with more power compared to today’s tablets. The Surface Pro 2 is the closest to a laptop replacement since it can run computer applications. Although its price is comparable for high end computers. It is not as accessible for most people due to its price.

Tablets and PCs both have their advantages and disadvantages. Right now a tablet cannot fully replace a desktop computer for all types of users. Consumers should enjoy the advantages of both devices to get the best technological experience.


Tyler Deans

Tyler Deans is currently a computer science student at New York Institute of Technology in New York City. She plans to become a Mobile Application Developer. She has knowledge Java and C programming languages. She is learning about Android development. In her free time she can be found programming, reading, in aerobics class, and running. You can connect with her on Google+, Twitter @starving_geek, and LinkedIn.

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