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We have known for a few years at this stage that one promising career path in the present and future economy is one in the computer and technological fields. What companies and people alike are now beginning to realize, there is a whole new field within this industry, and it is being referred to as ethical hacking. The difference between and good hacker (which is now referred to as a white hat) and a bad hacker (called a black hat) is basically motive. Companies with web presence are confronting the reality that there is really only one way to tell if their system is hack proof; hire someone to try and hack it.

There are several job opportunities for ethical hackers. Government-related organizations and businesses that are serious about protecting their network security will hire ethical hackers, also called penetration testers to probe their networks and computer systems to be sure that it is impossible for a hacker to breach with the aim of theft or fraud. This is a great career choice for the hacker that wants to use their skills as much as possible and not risk the chance of jail time.

Even though the economy is mainly in a recession the job market for ethical hackers has never been better. It is estimated that almost $3 trillion is spent on information technology each year. It is also anticipated that there will be a 40% increase in spending in the area over the coming years, reaching nearly $50 trillion. An ethical hacker can expect to earn anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 per year, reaching $120,000 after gaining a few years of experience. You will need to have information technology security experience as well as a related degree or certification in the field. Many military IT professionals have chosen to go on to be ethical hackers and hold an advantage due to the related security clearance a person would need to pass to get hired.

You will need to have a well rounded skills set that not only includes IT related knowledge, but also good problem-solving abilities, ability to see things through and stay motivated, and good communication skills are necessary for the job. The term ‘social engineering’ is used to describe part of the job description of an ethical hacker, and this is the ability to manipulate people in certain situations to get them to do what you need in order to perfect the desired outcome. You will need to be able to be persuasive enough to get systems restarted or shut down, and to execute files secretly.

To get your certification as a ‘Certified Ethical Hacker’ the main (and most recognized) courses are given in accordance to the EC-Council rules, which usually requires that you have at least two years of information-security-related work experience (endorsed by your employer) in addition to passing the exam before it will award you the official CEH certification.

Interesting Facts:

  • The reasons for companies employing ethical hackers can be seen clearly when a hacker does manage to break through another person’s firewall. For instance, a fake Tweet sent out by someone who hacked the Associated Press’ Twitter account sent the Dow plunging 150-points within four minutes.
  • If your company has Wi-Fi, a hacker could sit in your parking lot or outside your building and hack into an unsafe network. This is why you need to have hackers working for you before you get one trying to work against you!
  • Ethical hackers will give their bosses one common piece of advice, and that is to pick a good password. If you use a word that can be found in the dictionary there is a much higher chance you could be hacked, as hackers now have programs that can run all the words in the dictionary in a matter of seconds. Instead, they advise to pick a password that contains numbers and letters in both upper and lower case.







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