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It is true to many people and mostly Geeks to say that wow Chrome is the fastest, let’s face it Chrome uses a lot of battery life if you don’t believe me test it, also chrome does not allow you to get online with slow downloads speeds, For most MS Windows users who don’t care or are naïve to know what the best use explorer for me it’s a pretty good browser except for some compatibility issues.

Mozilla is an old giant that has lost its glory with the coming of chrome, I love it only it is not as fast as chrome and it disturbs me when streaming from youtube. Opera yet another I give it the class of explorer although it refuses to stream radio when there is limited internet access, and for us in third world countries like Kenya where we don’t even use the whole internet bandwidth of our sea fiber optic it’s pretty messed up.  Safari claims to be fast but let’s face it . the last update was in 2012, while in YouTube you are advised to get a more recent web browser seriously…apple do something for us.

For me I use chrome when I have fast internet speeds when the speed goes down, I switch to Mozilla or opera in regards to what am doing. But seriously can’t one company help us with this problem.


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