Kickstarter Brings Command Gestures Via TapTap

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For years now, companies have been talking about wearable computing, but most always made you look like you were a cyborg from a bad sci-fiction movie. A small engineering firm called Woodenshark has created a wearable device for tactile communication. The TapTap is a pair of lightweight bracelet that are worn on two people. When one person “taps” his bracelet, the opposite bracelet vibrates. Each TapTap communicates via bluetooth with your iPhone or Android phone to get the signal to the other bracelet anywhere in the world. One ad calls it a new way to share your love.

The makers of TapTap are trying to raise funds via Kickstarter. While it doesn’t look like they will meet their funding goal, it did prove that lots of people would be interested in a TapTap though not only as the novelty between the young couple. With the touch sensor and accelerometer accessible via an API, the device could be coupled with other apps to make a handsfree game controller, activity tracker or smart alarm. As a future project Woodenshark wants to create a programmable interface to control which gesture you make, whether waving, or clapping, or tapping your wrist each to cause a different event to occur. Perhaps the right combination of gestures will unlock your car.

A similar project on Indiegogo is called Bond which comes as a combination of cool bracelets and pendants. While also being able to tap on Bond and have the other vibrate, a status of sorts can be mapped based on how long to hold a tap on the wrist. Plotting one of five colors on Google Maps, could mark your favorite rides at an amusement park or perhaps your emotional state per shop that you visit. The makers of Bond also want to be responsible manufacturers using the same principles as Fairphone making sure that each provider in the supply chain is treated fairly.

Not to be left out, a third group want to make the Tactilu. Not as sleek as TapTap or Bond, but with the ability to press, poke, tap or slide the Tactilu a wide range of gestures become instantly accessible. The creators of the Tactilu have stated that the next version will be much slimmer and faster. Tactilu is a Pangenerator project to create a tactile communication tool while harnessing an artistic flair. They are self-described as combining art, tech and design for the post-digital age. All of which points to the development of a new way to communicate. Just like the revolution in communication caused by the text message, the future may hold a not so dissimilar revolution of communicating through quick touches and gestures.


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