Foxy Proxy & Chaining Multiple Proxy Servers

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FoxyProxy is an add-on for different internet browsers. This add-on works as a switch to turn on or off proxy servers. There are two different versions available which are basic and standard,  FoxyProxy basic version itself offers many impressive features. Users can run their own private proxy if users have access to an unrestricted ISP. Other than that few proxies can also be accessible which are open on World Wide Web such as Secret Google Search,, MultiProxy List, SamAir Security, and etc.

Features of FoxyProxy for Firefox browser:

  1. FoxyProxy allows you to create proxies from selected texts on any web page and shortcut for this action is also available as Alt+F3 key.
  2. When proxy is in on mode or in use then animated icons start it’s functioning and offers the user better experience.
  3. Cycle through a list of proxies with right mouse click on status-bar and middle mouse click.
  4. Customizable colored icons for individual proxies.
  5. Tor wizard for easy setup with Firefox browser.

How to use FoxyProxy with Firefox:

  1. Install Firefox and then FoxyProxy add-on and then restart your browser.
  2. Click on the FoxyProxy action which will open the dialog box and option to create a new proxy.
  3. Manual Proxy Configuration is also available where you can enter IP/Host address and Port Number of proxy server. Do not click on SOCKS proxy checkbox and click on Ok and also another Ok for whitelisted URLs.
  4. Now change FoxyProxy mode to use new proxy for all URLs.
  5. Now you can surf all the websites for which you have been purchased this FoxyProxy. It will ask you username and password everytime you start Firefox or start using this add-on. If you want to stop asking it again and again for username and password then use FoxyProxy plus. Username and password has been already sent you on your email id.

Chaining Multiple Proxy Servers:

The most interesting feature for FoxyProxy is its multiple proxy features. Users can create multiple proxies and can toggle between these proxies anytime. User can set the pattern for matching websites using regular expression or wild card. It creates the tree of proxies and as well as trees for different websites too. User can switch between these multiple proxies by simply clicking on the proxy name. This functionality of FoxyProxy is known as chaining of proxies and is very helpful for all kind of users. 


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David Rucilez

David Rucilez, aka Nullset, is the owner and operator of Nullset Computer Co. in Reno Nevada. His company focuses on supporting small and large business networking contracts. David graduated from Wright State University Ohio with a BS in Computer Science, and also holds the MCSE and CCNA certifications.

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  1. R. James Gray May 15, 2014 at 9:29 am

    Thanks for the article. I have been looking for a Firefox solution for chaining proxies, but I’m not sure FoxyProxy is it. By “chaining proxies,” I mean the ability to connect to a sequence of proxies in a chain, like so: me > proxy1 > proxy2 > destination. I’m not sure this is possible with FoxyProxy. You can set up rules to change your proxy settings on the fly, but only one proxy is active at any given time.

    I could be wrong about this, and I hope I am, but so far I haven’t found a way to set up a chain of proxies in FoxyProxy in the way I want. Do you know of a way?

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