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Hi my name is Romario, i’m 15 years old and i’m IT student in HighSchool. My assignment today was to write an article on the future of the PC and this is what I wrote I hope you enjoy. In the next 10 years the PC will change drastically, according to Moore’s law every 2 years computers double in power. This theory was made in 1965 and has been proven right for the last 49 years. IT professionals have predicted that this law will end in 2020 but by that time they estimate a powerful quad core Intel computer will be the size of a phone! This a major change from the big towers and components in computers we see now. History has proven that computers just become smaller and more portable from the massive computers the size of rooms in the 1940s and 1960s to the smart phones and tablets we see today.


Intel has already taken the next stop for smaller computers but powerful components. Intel has released the NUC (next unit computing) its smaller than a router and is as powerful as modern day desktop. A standard NUC rocks a Intel i5 4th gen processor, Intel HD 5000 graphics. These specs are better than average everyday consumer even needs this enough to do video editing, Adobe Photoshop and other high end process.

This is just the beginning of computer evaluation, the standard for PC’s is changing for example console based PC’s and android PC’s . The way we look at computers has changed from a command line interface to a user based interface. The interface of computers has as evolved to a touch screen interface and recently has planned to use voice and gestures. This can proven as the future of the interface because wearable tech like the Google glass and pebble watch have already implemented that. On the Google glass you say OK glass to give it commands and on the pebble you move your hand over it to look at email.

In the future the Operating System probably wont matter anymore due to the fact that hardware will take over allowing anyone use the operating system of their choice. This when Linux will take over as main operating system in every home. At the moment Linux has a lot of issues such as driver support but that will be fixed by the thousands of programmers and developers who working hard to make it compatible with all types of drivers. Another issue with Linux is program support a lot of windows and mac apps do not work on Linux but in the future Linux wont need software, hardware will take over. Linux has customization and has many kinds of distributions for gamers, office workers and normal everyday users. The amazing part of Linux is that its 100% free and open source. Linux is also known for it’s virus free environment, theirs rarely any viruses coded for Linux.

In conclusion computers will change from the operating system to the hardware and the form factor. Computers will all have Linux due to lightweight environment with no viruses, ISO size, its free and has many distributions that have customization. Computers will get smaller but will double in power because of the evolution of technology. Millions of jobs will be created in the next couple of years, IT is growing and the progress created will just increase. The computer is the one thing that brings everybody together examples are social media,gaming and Youtube. We will just keep building on to software, hardware, find new uses and faster methods on computers to do things.



Romario Hana


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  1. Jerin Saji March 11, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    A very informative post man!

    In my opinion, the most attractive factor of Linux is that it is open-source on top of being free. Thus, this will lead to the millions of jobs that you are referring to. How? Well, when Linux is open-source, you can take one and modify the kernel to do exactly what you want it to do and get rid of all the nonsense. This reminds me of the post that was created a while ago that gave some tips on how to use the hardware of your server efficiently. It recommended that the server administrator learn the CLI and get rid of the GUI completely. Since Linux Server is mostly just CLI, it uses much less hardware resources that Windows Server. Once Linux becomes better and more stable with equal, if not more, functionality that Windows, it will be much more attractive option when you are setting up a server. That is why, as a 17-year old, I am trying my best to introduce myself to the linux world.

    Also, I think that the main reason why Linux does not have any major Virus threats as of right now is because of the lack of mass deployment. The same goes for OSX. Not many people use it, thus it receives less attention from hackers. If, at some point in the future, Linux becomes more widely deployed in consumer devices. Hackers will turn their attention towards it. I do know that it’ll be harder for them because Linux was created initially with separate compartments or something like that. Thus, it was something like if a virus infects one part, it will not affect the whole system like it does on Windows.

  2. Ryza mureithi March 17, 2014 at 1:56 am

    Interesting post i agree with you the fact that android took the market is a living prof that some one somewhere will create a cool desktop on Linux, and we will all enjoy it.

  3. Aaron Babitzke March 27, 2014 at 3:59 am

    Not bad, but a few issues I see with it. The CPUs coming out in the next couple years will be likely almost as powerful than the original x86_64 based quad cores. The arm based CPU development seems to be getting much more focus lately.
    We already have the choice to install whatever operating system we want too on a PC… Even Mac OS X on PC hardware but that’s a can of worms I’d rather not get into.
    Linux driver support gets seems to get better every year; I’ve been using it since 1998. The main problem with drivers are from the hardware manufacturers, they need to start doing more Linux development, the Linux community can only do so much, the hardware engineers now more about there own products and should be able to build better drivers. Also I’ve heard the “year of the Linux desktop” crap for the past decade, its going to take maybe another 5-10 years… Until MS screws up another OS.
    Also every OS needs software. Linux is just the kernel, everything else in a distro is just software; the shell, web browser, file manager, X server, email client, ect… All software. You need both hardware and software.
    I think by 2020 the tech industry is going to see a huge shift away from relying on MS based products (OS and Software). They were really late on the mobile platform, and IMO dropped the ball on it big time, and have pissed a lot of people off with windows 8 GUI design, and let’s not forget the mess they had with vista when it first came out. Apple will absorb some of this, but what they want for hardware is insane, not to mention that macbooks have not the greatest cooling designs. Linux will probably take a fair share of the user base.

    • Jerin Saji March 27, 2014 at 8:21 am

      I agree! The PC world is so reliant on Microsoft right now that it will probably take another fuck for people to be fed up with Microsoft. The one sentiment that I see that portrays people’s hope in Microsoft is the notion of “Oh it’s all good, Windows 9 will be a good OS because of the cycle that started with Vista.” If Microsoft messes up in any way with Windows 9, I think we will see a huge change in the community. More people will look at alternatives and more hardware companies will start developing Linux Drivers. If I were Microsoft I would really take customer feedback from Windows 7 and Windows 8 and really put everything behind Windows 9 to drive it home. It all also kind of depends on the new CEO and his vision. Only the future will tell. Personally, I am excited to see how this world changes from a Windows dominated one to something else and lead more innovation!

  4. Aaron Babitzke April 16, 2014 at 11:11 am

    Actually the cycle you are refering too was started back with Windows ME…. It was a horrible operating system, I can’t say one good thing about it, windows 98 SE & windows 2000 were much more stable.

    Windows 7 I found very few things to complain about. If you know what your doing you could get it to run on a 1GB stick of RAM, and it would without any crashing. There were driver issues, but the issues I had were usually with really old devices, 10+ years old, that the manufactuerer did not support anymore.

    As for the new CEO… It was an internal hire, he’s been at Microsoft for 20+ years. I am not too hopefull that he’s going to be bringing in any new ideas, so I’m not holding my breath on the CEO making in changes that Microsoft is going to need to stay competitive.

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