The Now TV Box – A £10 720p Plex Client

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Apologies to those outside of the UK, I do’t believe that you can get this wonderful little device internationally.

I first heard about the Now TV box on an advert. Now, I am not one to buy something that I see advertised on TV, so I waited 6 months and then decided that I still wanted it. Essentially, it is a Roku LT with different firmware. This is the main problem, as Sky have limited the channel store so it doen’t have netflix, hulu+ or many of the other channels that people might want to use. However, you can still access BBC iPlayer, 4od and Spotify so even without modification you do get quite a lot for your measely £10.

The real reason that I bought this box is to experiment with Plex. Plex Media Server can be installed on many machines and lets you share media between devices in your home and over the internet. I downloaded Plex for Roku as a zip,, enabled developer mode (press fairly quickly Home 3x, Up 2x, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right), and then installed the zip onto the box via my computer. Now, I have access to all my media from my PC, Youtube, ITV player, ESPN, Reddit and hundreds of other “channels” at my disposal.


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