Had problems installing and activating Office 2013 products ?

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I recently tried installing Office 2013 Home & Business & Access 2013 media less on 5 W7 32bot PCs.

Ripped off the wrapper, pulled apart the box, read the install instructions.

Go to office.com/setup enter the product key then enter or create a Microsoft account, then authenticate this account, go back to the product key page and enter new MS account details..

“Something went wrong” appears.

By now the software had already created Office15 folders and some reg settings so after some Google hunting I found I had to download Office 2013 removal software, run that, reboot and try again – Same outcome

“Something went wrong” – Great , here we go….

Anyway, to cut a very long story short and 2 Microsoft calls later, I found the following method worked for my 5 PCs.

1. Create a MS account for every PC
2. Go to http://www.office.com/setup enter your product key and enter the MS account username/password
3. From a separate Browser tab log on to the relevant MS account and verify the software listing is present.
4. Log onto the PC with an account that had previously not been used for Office installation. (I created another local admin account)
5. Log onto the required account – My Account – Account Options – Click on the “Install from Disc” option and then “I want to burn a disc” – Download and burn a DVD. (Note if you click on the Product key Link, the code displayed
is totally different to the Cardboard Product key code shipped in the original packaging.)
6. Run the setup.exe from the Disc – fingers crossed – the Orange installation box will appear and start its percentage install – sometimes the installs hangs on 11% – be patient – wait – if it does error – run the Office 2013 removal tool, reboot and try again.
7. Hopefully, the install continues – enter your MS account details. accept the agreement and your done – nearly.
8. Reboot and log on with the required PC account – fire up Word and accept the Agreement request – check under File/Account that the software is activated.

The whole install process is basically flawed from start to finish – sometimes you’re lucky and all goes well but these instances are rare in my experience.

In addition I read that once a product key is associated with a MS account it cannot be transferred to another account. Take your time, be prepared.

I created a spreadsheet listing the PC name / Cardboard packaging Product key / Microsoft account details / account Product key.

Listing all these numbers is a real chore but a few years down the road when you need to rebuild the PC trying to activate the software without the correct details would be near impossible.

Good Luck


John R

John Reidy is an IT Manager for a Transport & Logistics Group of Companies in the UK. John’s background is in Network support and design for the Ministry of Defence, commercial premises, Ports and Sea going vessels serving the European Ferry industry. A BICSI trained and qualified Technician and promoter of the methodology for optimised best of breed information transport systems he designs LAN/WAN solutions together with hosted and on premise Telephony PBX solutions. John currently supports 190 users over 8 companies throughout the UK and Middle East supporting all aspects of the business associated technology and infrastructure on a 24/7 basis.

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