Nokia Ventures into the Android Smartphone Market

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On Feb 24, 2014, Nokia announced its first ever Android line of smartphones. After the acquisition of Nokia phone business by Microsoft for $7.2 billion, almost everyone expected Nokia to keep producing Windows OS-based phones like the Lumia lineup. Although the Lumia lineup sold considerably well in mid-2013, the sales and the profit made were lackluster in Q3 & Q4 of 2013. Thus, the Lumia lineup didn’t end up providing Windows the momentum it needed to enter the mainstream market. Although their previous line of smartphones with Symbian OS tended to have better sales during 2011-12 but most of that is attributed to the fact that there weren’t as many rivals back then in the lower-end market.

After constant failure with Symbian and Windows OS, they have announced the X, X+, and the XL line of Android phones. Nokia is typically known for sturdy phones and low-pricing. This is exactly what makes this new lineup unique. It targets the lower-end market. Although the pricing isn’t available in terms of $ yet, the X is available at 89 euros, X+ will be available for 99 euros, and the XL for 109 euros in April.

As expected of lower end devices, the specifications are not as spectacular as the Samsung S5. For example, the X will have a 4in, 840×480 IPS screen, 512 RAM, 4GB of storage [with expandable storage via SD card slot], and a 3mp camera.

Although the smartphone packs a ton for its price, there are many downsides. The biggest one is that it is based on a modified version of AOSP Android OS. Thus, users will not have access to Google Play Store. Although that is the case, popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Swiftkey will be available. Additionally, Microsoft services such as Skype, Outlook, and OneDrive will be available along with a Nokia Store for any new app developers.

In my opinion, this phone is not made for the market of developed countries where everyone also tends to use smartphones for entertainment purposes. With such low specifications and narrow application diversity, I would say that it is a turn off for most people. But, it will seem attractive to people who are not able to afford a high-end smartphone. The lower end newest smartphone cost around $250 (Moto X & Nexus 5). Thus, I do see this product attractive in the price-point that it targets.

Overall, I think that Nokia has done a splendid work of staying with their philosophy of manufacturing phones. What are your opinions on this new product? I know that Eli has international fans, does this seem attractive to you? Why or Why not?


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