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I been see this out and about around the net like on YouTube about speeding up windows hard drive speed with using software to use spare ram on there computer as a hard drive. yes this will speed up your computer but only at the cost of reliability.

here is the post i had made about this.

“This will only work  if you have power going to the computer if the computer shuts down in any way that data that is on that ram will be lost. thats why they call it volatile memory if you lose voltage  there goes the data. this is a good idea when you need a boost at the cost of reliability over time ram that is not ecc type ram will have errors in that data i will take days for that to happen but is there.

on the not of an ssd that building a computer around the idea of using a ram disk instead of an ssd will cost you ten time more than just buying an ssd strait out.

lets say i want to buy 32 gb of ram that will cost you around $250 to $300 where you could buy a 250 gb ssd for the same price or even lower than that. “

that was posted yesterday, When i think more about it is that really the case. i think its stupid to use ram as a hard drive or at least to build a computer around the idea of using a ram disk. but is that really the case like to hear your thoughts on this idea around of using a ramdisk to speed up your hard drive and storage for recording and launching programs really fast like 400% faster the ssd’s.

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  1. Jerin Saji February 27, 2014 at 1:45 pm

    I haven’t tried out this technology but I did see of the AMD Ramdisk product they put out. Do you know how it is chosen what software is put on the extra space in your RAM? I think that this kind of technology is beneficial for people who do a lot of media production or CAD work. It would help load big files and software faster. Also, these professionals invest heavily into their machine. Many have up to, if not more, 32GB of RAM. Thus, they have the money and the space on their RAM to utilize this technology to its fullest.

    Constructive Criticism for future blogs that you write: I really like the information that your are providing but I would like it if you wrote a bit more since you are just talking about one technology. Also, put a bit of space from the left side of the paper when you start a new paragraph. I really do not want to be a grammar nazi but just capitalize your ‘i’s. Finally, there is a difference between a small b and a big B when talking about storage. Gb means Gigabits and GB means Gigabytes. This was completely not meant to be taken as a Grammar Nazi but as a suggestion to improve future posts and get more views. Thanks!

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