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Don't have a job, means no money

Why am i no longer employable? This is an interesting question, my last employer did not fire me nor did i quit. I just simply left the reason for was because my employer no longer could stand my unmanageable balance of a life and frankly i could not care any less because I am not planning on changing anytime soon. Let’s take a closer look at my situation and really dig and try to understand why.

Currently I am attending the university and majoring in Computer Science, which is quite an undertaking. Money wise i am putting my self $19,598 in debt a year. That includes close to no social life, and maxed out credit cards. Now me being the person that I am I want to avoid all this and able to proudly say that i am not in debt or enslaved to my problems.

So how does one go to a university,  study university level education (time consuming) and still have enough money to do other things like not eat roman noodles everyday?  This is a challenge, and frankly there is no book or video that can teach you this type of thing. To really take on this task one must understand what he or she wants to do with there life. For me it’s simple I no longer want to have a job, what? no job? yes no job! I want to be able to choose my own clients, run my own show, wake up at what ever time, make as much money as a I need.

How exactly is this done? Taking a leap of faith and having the confidence that you can do it, that’s it the rest will fall into place.


Rick H

Rick H - Responsible for evaluating business requests to determine feasibility, identifying options, and recommending solutions for software development and enhancements. Assist with interpreting customer requirements into conceptual design specifications. Developing interfaces/prototypes and maintaining/testing solutions, conducting root-cause analysis of system, and recommending solutions based upon findings.

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  1. Branden Martin February 27, 2014 at 12:58 pm

    I think I have found a solution for you. I don’t know what your education level is, since I don’t know your completed classes or past job history. But, you can check out a website that has jobs posted at all times I have not used this site, but you said you wanted to take a leap of faith, so here you go. What I understand about the site, is people will post jobs and you will bid on them, then the person posting the opportunity will choose a candidate. They have everything from data entry to java programming. I hope this helps with what you are looking to do. Good Luck!

  2. Jerin Saji February 27, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    Hi Rick,
    Firstly, I do not understand how you are no longer employable? That means that you cannot work anymore in your whole life. Just because you left a job doesn’t mean you can’t work anymore. Now, I do not no where you are in your life (teen or adult), but as a senior in high school currently, I understand your pain. I am attending a private university next year for a BS in IT and MS in Software Engineering in 5 years. I am most likely going to be in your situation where I will be carrying around $20,000 loans every year and try to work constantly to make enough money to sustain myself. Fortunately, I have parents that are willing to support me and help me pay off as much debt as possible. I realize that you might not be in that position.
    When you talked about how you are not willing to change your lifestyle to meet your employers need, I cringed a bit. In my opinion, that is a very bad attitude to have in any scenario. Now, please remember that I am talking this without knowing how you live and what your previous employer required you to live like. Anyways, the point I would like to make is that however you live, you are going to have to make sacrifices. Unless you are a complete freelancer who does work online, you are going to have to work to adapt to what your customer (Ex. adapting to the time your customer requires to meet you) or your employer. This is just life man. I do not know why you are being adamant but it is just how it works. Now, if you employer was requesting something that is completely unreasonable, that is acceptable.
    Finally, a major in Computer Science shouldn’t be depriving you of your social life. Try just going out to meetups, as Eli says, for programming and just meet people. If there is one thing I have learned from Eli, it is that networking helps you a ton as you move on to your professional life.
    As for what you can do as you keep studying, you might want to take a moment some day and think about your life. Think about how you can manage your time wisely. Think about how you can improve your social life. Talk to people. Just get out there and do something. If you decide to do freelance I have some websites for you, but freelancing isn’t for everybody. and are for freelancers. Again, I do not have experience with any of them but it should help you out currently with easy programming and in the future for complicated projects.
    I like your confident but make sure you do not become over-confident. I would still try to find an Internship or something so that I can keep earning some money so that I can eventually pay off the debt and your credit card bills.
    I hope that this didn’t come off like an insult but I just wanted to help you out by telling you my opinions. Good luck fellow geek!

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