How do I Keep Track of my Projects?

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All day long I have new ideas running through my head; ideas for new programs, websites, inventions, startups, and more. The problem is trying to keep track of them all.

            While yes, you could take out a pen and paper and write out your idea, but what happens when you have a new idea come to mind every 10 minutes? Let’s see, there are 24 hours in a day, but we’ll assume you’re awake for 18 of them. Multiply that by 60 minutes per hour which comes to 1,080 minutes; divide that by 10, and you have about 108 new ideas a day. We’re in the digital age, and most of us don’t have file cabinets just lying around to store a stack of loose leaf paper filled with a whole days’ worth of ideas.  Yes, this was a long drawn out example, but it hammers home the point that we need a new way to keep track of our ongoing projects that’s both efficient and organized. The solution is

            If you’re not already using, please go and sign up. Better yet, you can just sign in with your google account because I know you have one; who doesn’t? Once you’re signed in you can start organizing your projects by separating them into Boards. Each board then consists of lists, which in turn, holds your cards. Sound confusing? Let’s take a step back; you have created your board for your new project, now what’s the first thing people do when working on a new project? Brainstorm! So go ahead and click on the “Add a list…” button on the right hand side and name it “Ideas”. Now you should have four lists; “To Do”, “Doing”, “Done”, and “Ideas.” If you’re like me, you will want to move the “Ideas” list in front of the “To Do” list to stay organized; go ahead, its drag and drop.  The next part is to actually add a card that contains an Idea. Go to your “Ideas” list and click on “Add a card…” From there, you can title your card and click on add. To further customize your card, just click the card. Now you can add a description, checklists, due dates, even attach files.

One of the best features of is that you can share your boards with other people. The good part is that you control the access. In other words, if you want to open up your board containing bug reports and fixes so that others can view it but not modify it, you can. If you’re working with a partner you can change their permission so that they can modify the lists while everyone else only has view permissions. Perhaps though, you are working on something by yourself. In that case, just create a private board, and no one else will see it but you.

Let’s go back to the example above using bug reports as a board. You have set up the board just the way you want it; enabled public viewing and now everyone can see your progress. In order to keep up to date with what you’re doing, people would have to check on your Trello board every day. That could get rather annoying all the time. One of the good things that Trello implemented into their site is the ability to subscribe to boards, or just specific cards that pertain to you. This way you only have to check on the site when you get an email stating that the card you subscribed to has been updated. This is a great feature and truly adds to the efficiency aspect of

There are plenty more features of Trello that I could keep writing about, but I just don’t have enough time to cover it all. Instead, go check out the tour at .

Also, since you are all probably wondering if I am a representative from Trello, or if I am a paid reviewer for them; I’m not. I surprisingly have nothing to do with Trello other than the fact that I use it all of the time and that I just really love


Anthony Kressevich

Anthony is a Criminal Justice Major at Rockland Community College. However, on the side he tends to dabble in all things technology.

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  1. Jimmy Simpson III February 15, 2014 at 9:21 am

    This looks awesome, I use Insightly right now, which is a CRM tool to manage my projects but I’m going to try this out. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Andrei Telteu February 15, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    I love trello too !
    I haven’t organized anything yet, but this tool is awesome.

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