Angry Birds on Nike Shoes

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Do you remember the days when you forced Mom and Dad to let you go to McDonald’s just because of a Toy inside the food? You enjoyed the food but you felt extremely happier when you got those surprise Toys. What does this mean to us geeks? Well, It can mean the difference between a successful product and an unsuccessful product by making just a little tweaks!

The name of the game, Gamification! Its basically learning from games and adding game elements and design techniques to the any product we create.

When Nike shoes allowed their users to track their walks through a Wifi-enabled device and give points and trophies, their business grew tremendously. Many other companies like Microsoft, Foursquare, LinkedIn, etc gamify their websites and products where they give points and trophies out to users who use them consistently.

Watch this funny speech on Gamification

Something to think about!


Rishabh Raj


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  1. Rick February 13, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    Full steam ahead, definitely looking forward to use some Gamification in my software development career.

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