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If you want to learn how to network, signing up for a class with Cisco Networking Academy could get you caught up with the best in no time. Cisco offers a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and is one of the first companies to start doing this back in 1997. They offer programs and certifications in computer-related courses and have specialized a couple of classes themselves, including the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). Globally there are over 1 million people enrolled in the Cisco Networking Academy, and operate in 165 countries. Classes are also held on site at nearly 9,000 local universities around the world. By their extensive global reach Cisco is quickly setting the standard for global digital networking.

Cisco offers industry-recognized certifications and entry-level information and communication technology (ICT) careers in virtually every type of industry. One of the many benefits of enrolling in the Cisco Networking Academy is their global acceptance and the related ease in which CNA certification holders have a good chance at geting jobs anywhere they want. To gain a Cisco certification you would first learn a variety of computer related skills, like how to design, build and manage a network, how to employ problem solving, collaboration and critical thinking in your work. Students gain hands on experience through learning modules, activities and network simulations, ensuring that each student develops practical skills that will be necessary to become a networking professional.

CNA operates in what is called a public-private partnership and boasts as having created the ‘world’s largest classroom. Cisco partners up with various private and non-profit, non-government organizations, as well as universities and community centers. Cisco provides all of the learning tools that are necessary, including computer lab equipment and qualified instructors as well s virtual learning tools, teacher training, professional development opportunities for instructors who usually get involved from the ground up, starting as students in classes the same as the ones they now teach in. The CNA trains students to be able to attain an entry level ICT job, and many go simply to gain additional training or education.

Since every company that operates a website has a network, and they all need a networking group focused on maintaining every aspect of their website/ websites to keep their networks running at an optimal condition, the job market for networking professionals is growing. This is definitely one of the jobs of the future and a good place to be, earning a high income with the ease of a air-conditioned office. Considering the sheer volume of business related websites operating in the English speaking world, jobs in this field abound around the world. Also, Cisco classes are held in many different languages, so if English is not what you want to spend your future speaking, you could still gain great qualifications in any language through the CNA.

The Cisco Networking Academy is Cisco’s form of fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility. The CNA has a unique learning approach: using a blended learning model that combines classroom instruction with online learning and testing that provides instant grading, interactive tools to do hands on activities. Several innovative technologies are employed under this model, including the Cisco Packet Tracer, which is a powerful visualization and simulation tool that allows users to design, build, troubleshoot, and experiment with virtual networks. The teachers and students in the CNA use Packet Tracer to explore complex technical concepts and networking system designs in a safe, virtual environment. The Cisco Passport21 to Entrepreneurship is a series of case studies, simulations, and interactive tools used to support students in developing critical business and financial skills. Cisco Aspire is a type of educational styled game that operates in an engaging virtual environment –

CNA students get to solve business and technical challenges as they complete projects. Student are also encouraged to keep up with their teachers by befriending them on Facebook and Twitter, so the student can always find an answer from the CNA community when they need it. Since 1997 the Cisco Networking Academy has trained over four million students. Many of them went on to successful careers in Networking for various industries throughout the world, while others have opened shop for themselves and created new jobs for others.


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